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Soothe your spirit with soulful folk-pop

Soulful Jazzy


welcome wandering soul...

music to calm, relax, and soothe your spirit 




About the music

“…this is the type of optimism we need in these downtrodden times.” - vue weekly

Erin is a Canadian songwriter who’s soulful voice and illustrative style of songwriting will capture your attention and keep you on the hook for more. 

After the birth of her child, Mulcair stopped waiting around for inspiration to strike, and recorded her debut album, Rise & Fall. Extracting lyrics from traumatic and triumphant moments in her life, her music creates a soothing, relaxing soundtrack that calms the spirit. 


Fans are saying:

“Erin’s music makes me feel soulful and relaxed, like I want to take a hot bath with a glass of wine.”

"I feel the warm fuzzies whenever I listen, like someone is giving me a neck rub.”

"Erin’s songs reveal her soul through story, melody and her unique voice."


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